2011 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New Phase of Life.. New Game to Play..

Since my boyfriend and me quit Silkroad Online, we tried to play other games.

One of the games that caught our attention is IMVU.


IMVU is an online 3D chatroom. You can meet millions of people in here. It is fun to chat with other people especially those who are friendly. People from different countries are here to meet and chat with you.

The second game that made us very interested and addicted is League of Legends.

This game is like Dota. But it is easier to play. I love this game because you need teamwork and strategy. You also need to be quick and brave (^_^)

Those are some of the games we played since we quit Silkroad Online.

For my next post, I will show some screenshots of those games we played (^_^

Happy Halloween guys ❤



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It’s time to say goodbye :(

It’s been two months now since my boyfriend and me played Silkroad Online. I miss my friends and my characters too.

But on those days that we didn’t play Silkroad, we realized that there are other good games that can catch our attention.

Silkroad has been a good game that took our boredom away. But it was also the cause of our stress.

Silkroad, just like the real world, has kinds of players. Some players are good and some are bad. There are also players that can be your friend outside the game and some are enemies for life.

Silkroad showed me a lot of things about people from other countries. This game can show your true feelings and personalities. Because of this, I met a lot of friends and some haters too.

I’ve played Silkroad since 2006. I enjoyed this game a lot and spent a lot of money for my characters. The Gm’s also did their part to make the game nice and friendly for all players.

But I guess its time for us to say goodbye to this game. For two months that we didn’t open our characters, we decided not to open them anymore. They will always be a part of our lives. We love our characters like our own child but it’s time to move on. Parting is always hard especially when your going away from the things you used to loved.

I will miss everyone whose been very kind to me. I will also miss my characters and pets. And of course I will miss my friends whom I’m still connected using Facebook 🙂 I will miss my InCr3dibles Guild and Union Family. They will always be the best Guild for me 🙂

For new players of this game, good luck to all of you and try to enjoy everything. Don’t give too much of your attention because this game can be so addicting. And also, don’t take haters so seriously 🙂

For those who are always viewing my blog for some Silkroad Updates, I will try to post some news that I gather from my friends when I have time to help you guys up 🙂

Thank you Silkroad Online. It might be the time to say goodbye but I won’t put a period in it 🙂 Maybe in the future, we might come back to play again.. Nobody knows 🙂

But for now, all I can say is… See Yah again!

Thanks everyone ❤



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Legend VIII The Mysterious Temple of Jupiter

Last August 2, 2011, Silkroad Online announced the opening of the new legend. It was Legend VIII The Mysterious Temple of Jupiter.

This new update includes the level 120 caps and mastery.

It was a nice update but my ebbi and I didn’t really want to play anymore. We got bored with playing Silkroad.

Anyway, my ebbie had a chance to visit the Temple of Jupiter. He gave me some screen shots of it that I want to share to those people who quit the game too.

Have fun and enjoy (n.n)

Thanks a lot for viewing my post!

Happy leveling (n.n)

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Some memories before Legend VIII

Here are some of my print screen memories before Legend VIII.

First one was the Battle Arena..

This was our Guild and Union’s favorite pastime.

Next one was the Legend items.. Gosh! I hate those items because it takes a lot of gold and time to collect.

We also tried going inside the Cave of Meditation.

Then the new job update.

And of course the million of bots O.O

But my favorite memory is looking at the beautiful moon. My Ebbi always tells me I’m a Moon Goddess… hehehehhehehe..

Thanks for viewing my post.. Have fun with the upcoming update.

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Simple tutorial in making Monster Mask

I made this post for those friends, fellow players and new players who don’t know how to make monster mask. I know it is a kind of noobie to do this but it is better to share my knowledge than letting them have a hard time figuring out how to make one.

Well, let’s continue with the tutorial.

First thing to know in making a monster mask is that you need a “Rouge” character for it.

Next is to open a skill called “Monster Mask”.

Remember that the monster mask that you will get depends on the mastery level of your monster mask skills. Like in my character, I have a level 60 mastery. It means, I can get a monster mask from level 60 and lower monsters. Higher than that, I have to upgrade my mastery level.

Then find a monster that you want to have a mask of.

Attack and kill the monster. While the monster is dying, right-click on the “monster mask skill”.

On the ground, the monster will drop a “Death Essence”. Pick it up.

Then check your inventory for the “Death Essence”

Right click on it and TADA! And you are a monster now (n.n)

Thank you for viewing my post and have fun making masks (n.n)

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Writings of the Guru Event (Simple Tutorial in Upgrading Items to 12Degree)

Last May 31, 2011, Silkroad Online opened the 12 Degree Item Upgrade and Reinforcement System Update.

This Update is to upgrade 11Degree items to 12Degree.

I think it is a preparation for the next cap (-_-;)

Anyway, this post is a simple tutorial on how to upgrade your 11Degree items to 12Degree.

In order to upgrade your item, you need “Awaken Stones” that you can get from two different ways. First is to buy it from the Silk Item Mall that provides 100% success rate.

The other one is from level 101 and higher monsters. These monsters drop the “Awaken Stones” you need to upgrade your items.

Once you get it, you are now ready to upgrade your items. Remember that you need a lot of it because Awaken Stones which are dropped by monsters don’t have 100% success rate.

There are four different kinds of Awaken Stones.

11th Grade Awaken Stone (Weapon) is used for upgrading Weapons.

11th Grade Awaken Stone (Accessory) is used for upgrading Accessories.

11th Grade Awaken Stone (Shield) is used for upgrading Shields.

11th Grade Awaken Stone (Protectors) is used for upgrading Protectors like Armors and Robes.

The minimum requirement to upgrade our items to 12Degree is an 11Degree with +7 or higher reinforcements items.

After meeting the required reinforcements and having the Awaken Stones, click “Y”.

In the Alchemy page, click “Upgrade” which is on the side.

Get the item that you want to upgrade.

Put that item on the top slot of the Upgrade Page.

Then get the Awaken Stone needed for that item.

Put it on the bottom slot.

Then click Upgrade.

Wait for the result.

If the upgrading failed, don’t worry about it.

Your item is still there with its original reinforcements. But the Awaken Stone is gone.

You can repeat the process until you succeed in upgrading. Remember that you need a lot of Awaken Stones for this.

Once the upgrading is successful, your item is now in 12Degree.

Congratulations (^_^) Remember that different items and reinforcements have different results. A higher reinforcement gives you an additional plus when you successfully upgraded your item. Legend items becomes Sun, while Nova items becomes Som and Normal +7 and higher becomes Sos.

That’s all for now and Thanks for viewing my post!

Good luck in Upgrading!

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Red Riding Hood Avatar

Last May 31, 2011, Silkroad Online released a new avatar. It is called “Red Riding Hood”.

I always love to collect avatars for my characters and I wanted to add this one to my list.

Before, my favorite avatar was the Winter Princess.

The Winter Princess Avatar was super pretty. But now, I really like the Red Riding Hood Avatar because it is very cute.

I want to share some of my screen shots about my new avatar.

I love the concept of putting a cute doll as an attachment.

Thank you for viewing my post.

Have fun with the new avatars (n.n)

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Email Verification is for your own good..

Last April 22, 2011, Silkroad Online announced that the Email Verification System will be strictly implemented.

Most of the players didn’t pay attention to this message. But Joymax was very serious of this.

In my opinion, Joymax wanted to stop the selling and buying of accounts.

Then when the next inspection was done, everyone was shocked. Most of the unverified sold accounts were hacked by its original owners. A lot of players were asking for a roll back but Joymax ignored it all. They were strict in implementing their rules now.

Let’s see how the unverified sold accounts got hacked.

In the site front page, click “Forgot Your ID OR Password”

It will open the page “Find ID/ Find Password”

In this page, you can recover your user id if you forgot it.

And you can reset your forgotten password here too.

Now let’s see how did the unverified account got hacked.

First is to type the security code shown above the page.

Then type the unverified User ID. In my example, I used my account which isn’t verified. I type the it inside the User ID then I clicked “ID Check”.

And because it wasn’t verified, another box pop up under it asking for the secret answer. If you know the secret answer of the said ID, you can change the password and hack it right away. Most players who bought accounts and didn’t verified it got hacked in this way. If they verified their account, this won’t ever happen.

If the account is verified, a box asking for the email address will pop up instead of the secret answer box. It won’t show the account’s email but it will let you type the email you used in verifying the account. Even if everyone knows your User ID, no one can hack you as long as your email is safe. Email Verification is helpful in fighting hackers.

How can you verify an old account?

That will easy. First is to go to the site.

Then, type your User Id and Password. If you are verified, your account can surf inside the site but if it’s not, it will direct you to another window.

You will be directed to Joymax front page. If you have an existing old account and you wanted to verify it, click “Email Verification Service”.

A page asking for you ID and Password will be shown. You have to type your information before you can proceed to the next step.

Then a profile page will be shown asking for a nickname that you want to use whenever you will surf the site and forum. Type a nickname you desire and click confirm.

Then the Verify Account Page will appear. In here, you can change the email you want to verify on the account. Type the new email and the account password. Then enter the security code. Click Submit.

Then go to your email and check the message that Joymax sent you. It contains a link that you need to click. After you click the link, it will direct you to Joymax site and congratulating you on the successful email verification. Remember that you need to go to your email and click the link to verify your account. Sometimes, the email can be seen in your junk folder.

Well, I had been super busy these past few weeks -.- Thank you guys for always viewing my post and don’t forget to verify your old accounts.. It is for your best (n.n)

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InC Hunters Neith and Selket Visit

Last Sunday, our guild friends and us went to the job temple to hunt Neith and Selket. We were a little late and had only 30 minutes to kill the two uniques.

We only had one 8/8 party.

We first visited Neith. She was a unique bower.

She loved knocking us back.

We killed Neith for only 17 minutes. Then we run to Selket as fast as we could.

We had only 12 minutes to kill Selket. So we tried our best.

She was stunning us a lot.

We killed her with only 2 minutes remaining of our time. It was fun especially when we were beating the time.

Thanks for viewing my post (^_^)

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