Legend VI: Forgotten World Shipwreck Dimension II

Legend VI: Forgotten World Shipwreck Dimension II is one of the Dimension which we love to go in.

In order to go inside, you need to get a Dimension Hole from normal mobs while grinding.

Each Dimension has 4 kinds. For level 101 to 110, the Shipwreck Dimension is suitable for their level and it gives the items that is compatible for them. Shipwreck Dimension is also divided into 4 holes. Shipwreck 1 , 2, 3 and 4. Shipwreck 1 is very easy but 2, 3 and 4 are  totally hard. In using the dimension hole, you have to right-click on it while you are in town (remember that you can only use it in town).

A big blue crystal will appear in front of you. Remember that the one who summoned it will be the only one who can see that crystal hole.

Click it up and choose “Teleport inside the Shipwreck area”.

Once you get inside, the party master can summon the others. And the party will begin (n.n)

Now, let’s go to Shipwreck Dimension hole 2.

In this Dimension, the Ships are divided into three.

It’s divided into Shipwreck No.1 Shipwreck No.2 and Shipwreck No.3

Each Ship has monsters that you have to eliminate in order to advance to the other ones.

In the end of each ships, an elite monster should be eliminated to open the gates.

After killing the first elite monster, a ghost curse will appear to annoy your way. (REMEMBER NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME IN KILLING IT). He cannot really kill you, but he is super annoying. Just go to the next ship while he keeps following and debuffing you.

Eliminate the second elite monster in the second ship to proceed to the Serene Boss. Also destroy the treasure box along. If you are lucky, they can drop talisman which you can use in getting the Egyptian Weapon Grade A.

The last ship will summon the Ghost Sereness. She is always petrifying her attackers. But she doesn’t damage a lot. Killing her might be a waste of time, but if you are lucky, she can drop Degree B Egyptian Weapon which is a lot better than a Normal Nova and Degree A Egyptian Weapon.

There are two treasure boxes inside Shipwreck 2. If you got a talisman from it, you can register it to your collection book by right clicking on it.

It will pop up a confirmation box asking if you really want to register it.

After registering it, the talisman will be in your collection book forever. It means, you can’t register the same talisman for the second time.

To know which talisman you needed, I put a list of it here.

List of Forgotten World Talisman:

‘Togui Village’
level range 35-50 / 51-60 / 61-70
*Red tears
*Western scriptures
*Togui mask
*Red talisman
*Dull kitchen knife
*Spell paper
*Elder staff

‘Flame Mountain’
level range 71-80 / 81-90
*Fire flower
*Horned cattle
*Flame of oblivion
*Flame paper
*Hearthstone flame
*Enchantress necklace
*Fire dragon sword
*Honghaeah armor

‘Shipwreck – The Green Abyss’
level range 91-100
*Silver pendant
*Cobalt emerald
*Love letter
*Portrait of a woman
*Jewelry box
*Diamond watch
*Mermaid’s tears

‘Shipwreck – The Sea of Resentment’
level range 101-110
*Broken key
*Large tong
*Phantom harp
*Evil’s heart
*Vindictive spirit’s bead
*Hook hand
*Commander’s patch
*Sereness’s tears

After getting all of your talisman and completing your book, you can exchange it to any Egyptian Weapon Degree A that you want.



Thanks for viewing my post and have a nice time in Forgotten world (n.n)



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20 Responses to Legend VI: Forgotten World Shipwreck Dimension II

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  2. Julio Rasec says:

    hi dude nice advice. well I went to togui and flame and i always go alone killing the boss with the bugg, and they cant atack me. so dont you know some bug to kill the serenes ghost? pls any advice would help

    • Thanks a lot dude.. I’m a girl btw.. hahahaha.. The bug in serene.. That’s easy.. Just lure the serene away from her spawning place. She will try to go back to her spawning place, that time just keep luring and hitting her.

  3. Pouert says:

    Do you use bot to be lvl 110?

  4. Sub_Zero says:

    song name pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 mail me or answer here if you know

  5. dtle007 says:

    is it true you get something for like 100k SP in these forgotten worlds?

  6. dtle007 says:

    it is true that you can get items for like 100k SP in these forgotten worlds? I know you can join these dimensions at lvl 35+ but is it recommended?

    • I’m not really sure but we do get a lot of sp in forgotten world. Well the recommendation depends on the party you are in. So the better the party, the better the chances inside Forgotten World.

      • dtle007 says:

        thanks for the info. i’ve been running a lot of dungeons and there are uniques in the FGW(about 3-4 depending on spawn from the last boss) that drop what they call Faded Beads. Faded Beads gives you 200 SP on activation, but it’s random. Supposedly it can go up to 20K according to Joymax. Someone got 14k on one bead!

        I am now farming for faded beads with my secondary character. What server r u on? Hope to run into you in Merv 🙂

  7. FifiCakey says:

    Heyo perincess, Im trying to finish the quest which have to kill the Sereness ( Last boss ) but sadly i can’t find the quest from NPC’s around me, do you mind explain to me few things ? Thx for your care ^^

    • I’m not sure though because I forgot it -.- It’s been a long time since I last played the game. If you have the time, just search in google about the Sereness quest guides. There are some blogs like this that will help you out ^^

  8. xXProLeaderXx says:

    Full Int? and what are you using? full Protector or full Armor? 😀

  9. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.
    Many thanks for providing these details.

  10. Morris says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Thank you

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